James Shulkin

self-taught artist from madison, Wisconsin


James Shulkin is a self-taught artist living in Madison, Wisconsin. Towards the end of a 45+ year professional career in health care administration, marketing and communications, he began to pursue a hobby, then a career in the arts. Inspired by Outsider Artists, James started creating in painted furniture, floor cloths and driftwood assemblages. He began making Windflower Kinetic Garden Sculptures in 2009 (Windworker Studio). The Sculptural Animalia work (Fishmonger Studio) began in 2019, first with 2-D wall art representations of fish, and then 3-D representations of fish and birds. He is a member of the 14 South Artists Group and the Madison Artists Guild. He is actively involved in the creation of the proposed Madison Public Market as a board member. He is also on the board of Artworking, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides career development and support for artists and entrepreneurs with disabilities. He founded and organized the annual Hill Farms Art Walk. In 2022, the Art Walk hosted 36 artists in 24 neighborhood locations.