Monti Mayrend

I studied Ceramics and Art History intensively for 9 terms with Robert Piepenburg at Oakland Community college in Michigan - Great Teacher!   from there I spent two terms at Eastern Michigan univ. studying Ceramics and Art History again with John Loree and Susan Stephenson— after this I moved to Houston Texas and attended Univ. of Houston Again Studying mainly Art History and Ceramics this time with Huey Beckham and Sandra Battles. 


In Houston I eventually ended up in a Ceramic Cooperative called Foelber Pottery which consisted of both studio space and a gallery. During my time there in addition to showing in our own space I also showed work at the following spaces:  Yukiko Lunday gallery, Hanson Galleries, Goldsbury Gallery, Transco Tower Gallery, 18 Hands Gallery, Phoenix gallery, and a short lived Craft Gallery operated by Lynne Good that I can’t remember the name of.  Also during this time I was Acquired as a scenic artist by Houston Ballet and also HGO ( Houston Grand Opera), while there I also started working in the wardrobe dept. I stayed with both organizations for 12 years.               


I use a variety of techniques in my work many of which are primitive.  I use traditional liquid glazes mostly made by me but I also employ dry powder glaze’s that are sifted on to the bisque surface, adhered with misted water, and then preheated before being placed directly into open fire and covered with combustibles— I use a specially formulated clay body that I make but work sometimes still cracks due to heat shock.   I also do quasi traditional Pit firing using mainly sawdust as the combustible.