Holly Strope

self-taught painter and singer/songwriter from madison, wisconsin.


As a long-time singer-songwriter of over 30 years, artistry has always given me a way to express what lives inside and a path to translate what transcends around me. Where poetry and sound once brought form to my emotions, colored brushstrokes now light the way.

Painting has become the key that unlocks the door to my personal truths and freedoms. It has given me a happiness previously unknown. The shapes, faces, stories, spiritual light, and symbolism I portray in my artwork is a direct reflection of my identity and beliefs. This new medium that I call "Outlier Art" or "Gay Folk Art" aligns with who I am as a lesbian on the spectrum dealing with the traumas, tragedies and triumphs of my past, present and future.


My work is a unique way to look at the mainstream. I try to weave the web of interconnectedness in my illustrations that celebrate the differences I see in myself and the world around me. I honor peace, compassion, and loving-kindness for all beings in my paintings. I hope that what I create sends waves of positivity and happiness to those noticing.