Jay Schuette

self taught painter from ohio.

As artist bio’s, and auto bios, are generally stilted and awkward things, let us all grit our collective teeth and slog through this together. I was born in Oxford, Ohio in 1964. On any and every given day I am trotting around with the mindset of both a 17 year old, and some cranky old bastard of 140 years, shaking my liver-spotted fist at each and every convention of the modern age.


I went to college in Arizona, studied writing, graduated, traveled a lot, moved here and there, and, in 1992 or so, started painting, which at the time was very out of the blue. I am entirely self-taught, so if you think my work sucks, it is most certainly for want of an art education, and if you like it, my ego and I thank you.


All of my work is done with acrylic paint, and almost all of it on wood or board. Whether I want them to be or not, a great many of my paintings are sort of visual journal entries. My mind, like my home, is teeming mass of organized clutter; a hoarding house of half-understood curiosities.


Critters make their way into many of my paintings simply because I love them and need them and can’t imagine my life without that deep connection to them.


As for what lies ahead, most days I have the idiot optimism of that 17 year old, quite certain that my best work is in my near and immediate future.


And that’s it for the awkward stilted artist bio. Congratulations. We all got through it. If you want to know anything else about either me, or my work, just ask. I am also an artist of self-absorbtion, and happy to share the bounty of that with any interested parties.