Danette Sperry

furniture maker, sculptor and painter from georgia

Danette Sperry - outsider/self-taught folk artist was born in 1962. She Lives in the small town of Maysville, GA. with her husband (also a known folk artist John Sperry). They both love birds, primitive antiques, mid-century modern, industrial decor, music, folk art, abstracts and pottery!


Danette has been creating some form of art from the time of her childhood. She has always been creative in making things. For the last 24 years, she has been a full time self-taught artist making: primitive furniture (farm tables, etc.) ; primitive folk art sculptures; (using reclaimed wood with vintage found objects) and folk art paintings.

In 2015, she started focusing & creating her relief paintings. These are 2D relief raised mixed media folk art paintings. These are on wood with reclaimed wood frames she builds. She uses a combination of several mixed media's in each of her relief paintings; using a special technique she developed. She uses pallet knives, paint brushes & fine pottery tools to create and sculpt all her mixed media images and details. Each piece is framed & incorporates incredible attention to detail bringing out the personality of her subjects with lots of raised images and textures. Each of these works take 4-8 weeks to complete depending on size, subject and details. She works on each of our artworks daily. Some of the backgrounds look like old plaster walls with great texture and crackled paint in the background color.  She loves painting angels, flowers & animals (especially birds). They all have a spiritual connection to her.

But almost any idea in her head may turn up on a painting. She loves to make art and make folks smile! Most of all her art gives her happiness in creating and that’s what she loves to do!

Her favorite art quote from Andy Warhol :
Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make more art.

Danette has been published in various newspapers and magazines.  She was also part of the "Great folk art Parade" a folk art show & exhibit of folk art at the Stephen Thomas Museum and her piece sold in the 1st hour of opening. Danette and her husband John Sperry were featured in Sunshine Artist Magazine in January 2020. Danette’s art was on the cover. In January of 2020 Danette was honored to be featured in Artmoire. #artmoireinterview 

In February 2020 Danette was honored to be selected as one of the artists in Outsider Art Magazine issue #3.

Danette feels very blessed to be a full time artist and not only loves what she does, but also loves that she has collectors that have made her works part of their homes!

Danette and her husband are both full time artists and always joke that they live in their own little world of Sperryville. Their art studio is just a short walk behind the house and the only traffic is the birds! Ha