Kelly Powell

self taught glass blower from california

For many decades, I struggled with undiagnosed autism, PTSD and social anxiety.  Glass art has been an amazing therapy for me, helping me transform my life.  The focus required to shape molten glass in a 2500 degree flame provides a thoughtful, meditative experience.  My art helps me connect with the world around me and share something of my authentic self.  Thank you for joining me in my journey.


Kelly was first introduced to his craft while watching glass blowers at renaissance festivals. He was fascinated with their work, and developed an interest in learning everything he could about the creative process. In 2007, Jay McIver, a talented glass artist from Gainesville, Florida, gave Kelly his first torch and showed him the basics of glassblowing. From that point on, Kelly was hooked.


Being primarily self taught, Kelly embarked on his creative quest, employing techniques gleened from books, trade magazines and videos.