Teddy Salad

folk artist from england

I was born in East London in 1961. I was a fishmonger until 2009 until a critical illness forced a change in direction. My rehabilitation included walks along the beach. I began to collect driftwood pieces. These pieces were configured and painted on, alongside other objects that were found. I was invited to show these pieces in 2017 in the Brighton Festival and some of the works got sold !


From then, I have been involved in numerous exhibitions and my work has been sold both nationally and internationally.

Content and context on the multi media pieces are from a lifetime of observation, music, the arts and sub-culture. Where possible, all materials are recycled, found and up cycled. The celebrated ceramicist, Kate Malone recently commented, “ such fun and character in this work evolved within the process of making...everything coming together in one lovely, enjoyable vision. A bit like life if we are lucky! I love the sense of fun in this work “.