The Mineral Point Gallery is a fun and colorful space where artists from various backgrounds come together to share their creativity in a safe and welcoming environment.


our diverse collections offer a unique blend of mediums, each piece telling a meaningful story that will surely inspire you. our artists' imaginative use of repurposed materials showcases their talent and passion for art.


Discover playful sculptures and eye-catching paintings that will add a touch of whimsy and color to your home or office. Let your space come alive with these beautiful creations that are sure to brighten up your everyday. 


"the gallery is filled with art and creators that we love." says gallery co-owner Ben Brummerhop. 

everything in the gallery was handmade by an artisan.  


We are located in charming and historic downtown mineral point, Wisconsin - an artist community with more than 20 art galleries and studios.


mineral point is an hour west of madison, 45 minutes east of dubuque and 3.5 hours from chicago.  mineral point is filled with history and the town is on the national register of historic places. Come visit mineral point for an afternoon or weekend getaway.